Industrial cooling

Our product segment of industrial cooling comprises oven cooling plants as well as re-cooling plants. Oven cooling plants are used with high-temperature ovens for the temperature control of these production plants in order to protect against overheating and assure consistent production quality. Areas of application include carbonisation/graphitising furnaces, sintering furnaces, smelting furnaces and type-applied oven systems, among others.

The oven cooling and re-cooling plant is a system for heat transfer using a heat exchanger plant in order to extract the thermal energy taken in the primary circuit at the production plant and transfer it to the other medium of the secondary circuit for the removal of heat. With the use of a re-cooling plant, there is a very high potential in regard to maintaining a constant temperature of the production plant.

Our industrial cooling plant can be adapted to nearly any process; for this purpose, it is specially attuned to the customer's application and can even be retroactively adapted or expanded to additional processes. They can also be specially designed for the installation location, wherein the possibility of an affordable and effective cooling is possible, even in potentially constrained spatial conditions.

Excerpt from the performance spectrum – Industrial cooling plants

  • Compact design
  • Inside or outside installation
  • Very high and broad performance spectrum
  • Cooling towers and dry coolers - according to the application
  • The widest range of material combinations – optimally attuned to the process application
  • Separated primary and secondary circuit
  • Water preparation
  • Advanced technology for minimal maintenance effort

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