Industrial furnaces

We specialise in the development and production of industrial furnace plants for nearly all applications and areas of uses. Our plant portfolio for furnace systems is distinguished by a high degree of economic efficiency and a beneficial price/performance ratio. We offer optimal solutions for the widest range of heat/thermal processes.

Sophisticated heating systems and high degrees of efficiency are the cornerstone for a low specific energy requirement of furnace systems. Among the most outstanding quality features of Birk industrial furnace plants is the superior temperature precision, which means only the slightest temperature deviation over the entire usable space thanks to the circulation air distribution and guidance system developed in-house. This guarantees a consistent and high heat transfer to the product and thus the most optimal product results – with the least waste.

We can offer a complete system designed specifically to your process requirements, which also includes the entire plant periphery of exhaust gas disposal (such as TPC), waste heat utilisation, plant loading and additional equipment. The production of the plant system, as well as the periphery, takes place entirely in-house.

Excerpt from the performance spectrum – Industrial furnaces:

Icon Ausführung bei Birk GmbH Design:

⇒ Chamber furnaces
⇒ Retort furnaces – as vertical or horizontal retorts
⇒ Hood kilns
⇒ Shuttle kilns

Icon Ausführung bei Birk GmbH Application:

⇒ Debinding furnaces
⇒ Coking furnaces
⇒ Carbonisation furnaces
⇒ Decoating furnaces
⇒ Pyrolysis/Controlled atmosphere furnaces
⇒ Pre-heating, annealing and forging furnaces
⇒ Sintering furnaces
⇒ Firings kilns
⇒ Thermal treatment furnaces

  • Compact design
  • Innovative, avant-garde and integrated design
  • Direct circulation air operation up to 1.050 °C
  • Annealing/inerting operation or supply air operation
  • Combination: Annealing/supply air operation
  • The widest range of material combinations – optimally attuned to the process application
  • The widest range of designs of process chambers – heated directly or indirectly
  • Variable process chamber sizes – attuned to customer specifications
  • Heating: electric or gas-fired
  • Heating: through clean gas supply in circulation air operation
  • Heating: through pre-heated supply air using a pure gas heat exchanger
  • Remote diagnostic systems / remote maintenance
  • Advanced technology for minimal maintenance effort
  • Portfolio of affordable "standard"-industrial oven-plants in fixed installation sizes and applications

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