Thermal post combustion for an industrial kiln

Birk Company provides a thermal post combustion plant /thermal waste gas purification system in a customized special design to a long-standing customer of high-temperature furnace manufacturing.

The incinerator / air purification system was designed for a mass flow of crude gas of 50 kg/h from the exhaust gases of a high-temperature kiln. The plant is equipped with a special version of raw gas feeding and all components are arranged client-specific responding to the limited space at the installation site.

The firing system was adapted to the local conditions which enable no operation of the plant with gas media like natural gas or propane, and was therefore designed to operate with EL fuel oil. The scope of supply of the installed firing system also included the fuel oil feeding in order to be able to run the post combustion independently from the installation place of the fuel oil storage tanks. The plant was fitted out with a multi-level industrial fuel oil burner to offer a system operation comparable with a modulating natural gas firing. The plant got an entire protection against accidental contact in the area of the combustion chamber casing. This was designed in perforated plate and gives the plant an expensive appearance coupled with the protective function. The system is created as a compact design, making it ready for use, i.e. comes fully installed electrical and mechanical. The complete control, regulation and supervision of the plant is assumed by our in-house developed visualization system on S7 basis which has been equipped with an user-friendly visualization with touch-screen function.

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