Special plants & accessories & services

Our special plants product group comprises the application and process solutions that cannot be achieved according to common standards.

We can offer you optimised plant solutions and expansions with the highest efficiency in the following segments:

  • Process heat generation
  • Process heat transfer
  • Firing and burner technology
  • Filtering technology

If desired, we would be happy to offer you all our products and plants as a complete system from one location. In doing so, we can act as a general contractor for your project, offering the entire periphery of the plant environment in the scope of delivery in order to prevent interface problems with different production factories.

Excerpt of possible areas from the plant environment:

  • The most effective noise suppression
  • Batch handling and lifting and conveying technology
  • Batch procurement
  • Thermal insulation/energy saving

Services from the area of thermal process technology:

We can also support you with services from the area of thermal process engineering. In the process, we offer you a broad range of service features and engineering services:

Icon Ausführung bei Birk GmbHExhaust gas measurement and evaluation of all thermal processing plants
Icon Ausführung bei Birk GmbHTesting and assessments on existing plants
 in regard to the equipment of the safety technology for the latest requirements
 Creation of risk analyses, performance level tuning and assessment of improvement possibilities
Icon Ausführung bei Birk GmbHOptimisation of existing plants in the areas: Energy saving, performance and productivity increase, increase of product quality, etc.

Of course, we also offer you all these services for third-party products!

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